About us as recruitment experts

About us

You have the knowledge, candidates, and clients, we help with everything else! We help great recruiters be independent and happy with our community and platform. We support our members throughout each stage of their business

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1. Launch

Where your journey as an independent recruiter takes flight.

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2. Thrive

We understand that success is not merely about starting; it’s about continuous growth and flourishing in your career.

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3. Authority

Becoming an authority in your field is the pinnacle of a successful recruitment career.

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4. Innovate

Where you advance, evolve, diversify, innovate, create impact and legacy. Take your business wherever you want to.

Our values

We want to nurture what experienced recruiters are truly capable of and we are driven by our values, placing our vibrant community of members at the core of everything we do

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Humble Excellence

• We are full of beans but not full of ourselves
• We are committed to professional and personal development
• We are willing to put the work in to be successful

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Respectful Freedom

• We do it our way but not at someone else’s expense
• We like to help and are excited about working within the community
• We respect each other’s time

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Find Your Voice

• We are more than just recruiters
• We support DEI and are part of the change
• We are active online, creating content and interacting with D4 and other members

Frequently asked questions

Explore answers to common queries about our services, policies, and more. Simplifying your experience with clear and concise information.

Why is it called membership?

Because we’re building a community of people who are independent but want to collaborate and build something bigger and better together.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Once membership is approved then you’ll be ready to go within a week.

What if I know of other potential members?

We’re sure you will, good people tend to know good people. Any member referring another member receives 2% of their billings. The more of us there are, the more powerful it becomes.

What other ways can I get involved in District4?

Want to contribute to the community in additional ways? Members drive everything we do. If you want to get involved in shaping our processes, making strategic decisions, delivering training, or anything else, you can work with our Operations team to do so.

What's the structure?

Each member is self-employed i.e. they set up their own limited company which they are a director of. That company then invoices D4 and D4 invoices the client.

I get the long term benefit but what about the first 3-6 months while getting up to speed?

Member success is our single biggest focus and we understand the first 6 months are the hardest. So we do everything we can to help you succeed fast:

• Support on putting business plan together
• We’ll provide a coach
• Systems integrated and all ready to go from Day 1
• Other members “paying it forward” with leads, ideas and lessons learnt.

We’re constantly getting member feedback to see what else we can do to help: a successful member is a happy member! If you’ve any ideas just let us know.

Do members collaborate?

Yes! Cross-selling, joint pitches, shared learnings and support.

What are the full details of your back office support?

Take a look at our offering on the 'Why D4' page, and contact Emily Bode (Member Scout) for full details. Member feedback is a key influence on our offering so we will always evolve and change depending on our member needs.

Contact us today If you have more questions